The Beautiful Movement is here to remind every girl that she is loved, important, and not forgotten.


A box to help girls SHINE BRIGHT this school year by using the fruits of the spirit!

What's inside?

✨Shine Bright notebook
✨Daily planner
✨Fruit of the spirit cards with the scripture, main idea & application.
✨Pencil pouch with gel pens
✨WWJD bracelets
✨Sticky notes & stickers
✨Hair clip
✨Hand sanitizer
✨Sun catcher craft with washi tape and heart (scan the QR code for instructions)
✨”Girls Night” Zoom info
Gifts to highlight!
Fruit of the spirit cards!
This daily planner is to help girls stay focused this school year!

A box about how much God loves YOU!

Included in the box:

✨”100 Things GOD Loves About You” book

✨Handmade bookmark by the founder, Megan
✨Water bottle
✨Waterproof stickers to decorate water bottle & give one away to encourage a friend.
✨Popsicle mold with lemonade packet
✨Handwritten card by an ambassador
✨Party popper
✨Glass bottle with sand (scan the QR code for the meaning behind this)
✨”A Moment With Megan” video accessed by the QR code
✨Fun star necklace (reminding you of the STAR that you are!)
✨A SUMMER CONNECTION CALL WITH MEGAN ON ZOOM! ☺️🥳🥳🥳 This is a fun way for us girls to have community with one another and dig deeper into the theme of the month!
Gifts to highlight!
These customizable water bottles are so cute!!
The "100 Things God Loves About You" book is light weight and perfect for carrying in your backpack or purse!
MAY BOX: “Relax & Recharge” 💗 
This box is to help girls relax and recharge spiritually, physically and emotionally! We thought this box would be perfect as the busy school year comes to an end!
Included in the box:
✨Prayer journal with pen
✨Worship playlist
✨Video lesson by me (scan the QR code for access)
✨Card to give someone for Mother’s Day
✨Bath bomb
✨Honey spoon with tea bag
✨Sleep mask
✨Hydrating face mask
✨Nail wraps