The Beautiful Movement is here to remind every girl that she is loved, important, and not forgotten.


July Theme: “BE BRAVE"

A box to help you be brave to grow closer to God and others around you this summer! This truly can can your best summer yet, no vacation required! 💛

What’s inside?
✨Turkish beach towel- for the beach or a picnic (for quiet time with God or for connection time with friends!)
✨ “She is Brave” prayer journal- encouraging you to grow closer to God
✨Mustard seed bracelet
✨”Radiate Hope” tumbler - reminding you to radiate hope to those around you this summer
✨”A Moment with Megan” letter - encouragement from Megan, (a counselor/life coach/ founder of The Beautiful Movement) who digs deeper into the theme
✨”Girl to Girl” - letters of encouragement from the ambassadors
✨Summer Bucket List- ideas to help you grow closer to those around you!
✨”Save the Date” Girls Night on Zoom!

May Theme: “BE STILL & KNOW"

A box to help you relax and cast your cares on God! 🙌🏼💗

What’s inside?
💜"Be Still and Know" coloring book and colored pencils: to help you relax and wash away your worries while you color (plus focus on the scripture they are coloring).
💜"A Moment With Megan" letter: a chance for me (Megan) to connect with you by giving encouragement and digging deeper into the theme of the month. There's always a reason for each gift!
💜Fidget ring: it's not only super cute, but serves an amazing purpose! This ring can be used for when you start to worry and need something positive to focus on, using the ring to fidget with while you pray/focus on your favorite verses.
💜"Coconut Escape" bath bomb: to help you relax and feel pampered! This bath bomb can also encourage you to have quiet time while you listen to worship music/pray.
💜Celebration Cake Kit: this is for you to help us celebrate our ONE YEAR BOX BIRTHDAY!! Woohoo!!! It has everything the girls need to make the cake and just need to add water.
💜Blank card for you to write in and give a special lady for Mother's Day or a friend who needs it!
💜"Save the Date" card: this is an optional group connection call on Zoom where us girls can have community with one another!




A box to help girls let go of what the world has to say and embrace who God created them to be.

Whats inside the box?

  • "Let Go" book - 60 powerful truths to set your heart FREE
  • Wet detangling brush - Serving as a reminder to DETANGLE negative thoughts that toss around in your mind
  • Pearl face mask- Pearls vary is size and color. They do not need any special polishing or cutting to showcase their beauty. Likewise, this face mask can remind girls that they do not need any special "polishing" aka makeup to showcase their beauty. They are beautiful just the way they are.
  • Vanilla brown sugar SKIN candy (not for eating): These are sugar hand scrubs that turn into lotion, making your hands feel silky smooth! Here's the reason behind them though- The more we dwell on something, the more we believe it, whether its good or bad. These hand scrubs serve as a reminder for girls to "scrub off" the negative thoughts that try to get them down and replace it with something positive. 
  • Kind card to give someone: Use this to make someone's day! 
  • "A Moment with Megan" letter: where I discuss more about how each gift has a deeper meaning.
  • "Save the Date" card for "GIRLS NIGHT" on Zoom: an optional group connection call for girls to have community with other girls who receive the box. It also gives me the opportunity to see faces behind the box- which I LOVE! 


A box to help girls live a LIFE of worship and continually stand in awe of God.

What’s inside the January box?
🤍Worship cards with scripture and prompts to help you live a life of worship.
🤍Sweet snowball cookies.
🤍Cozy, winter wool socks to remind you to WALK in a way that glorifies God.
🤍Keychain - one to give away & one to keep.
🤍Blue light glasses to remind you to SEE the hand of God at work in your life, never forgetting that there are good things to see in every day, and worshipping God because of that.
🤍SOAPS note card to help you study the Bible.
🤍A Moment With Megan letter.
🤍Save the Date “GIRLS NIGHT” Zoom info.